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During the production we use as many natural materials as many is possible to guarantee the comfort of our products. We are trying to find the most ideal combination of the raw materials to reach the best resilience and moisture resistance for our heavy-duty socks.

It is important for us to make our products with long life time, therefore we use only the best materials which are available on the market.

Our products are contain:

  • 80% Cotton
  • 15% Polyamid
  •   5% Elasthan

Cotton yarn: It was made by 100% cotton.

This is indispensable to make comfortable and moisture resist socks.

Elasthan thread:

The elasthan thread is a modern invention which can make the socks to be resilience and to fit close to the leg. The socks won't be crinkly in the shoes by using this thread.

Polyamid thread:

The polyamid thread provides the durability of the socks. These underwears have to sustain a high requisition every day.

To close our socks' toe we use a special sewing machine which is also because of the comfort.

Check out some samples
from Perla Socks'
product lines!

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