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Our history

Our company was founded in 1993 as a family enterprise. All of us have already worked in textile factories, so we had enough experiences to start our own business. In the begining we only produced simple unicolor men's socks and dotted ladies socks with 4 Irmac Special mechanical knitting machines. This was our past.

Development on the field of textile business is indispensable, so we have bougth our first high-tech, computer controlled Lonati knitting machine. From this point we are able to make socks with any kind of patterns, which is needed if we would like to follow the fast changing fashion. Our machine stock is growing day by day, so we are trying to make suitable products for people from all ages with our varied, special, comfortable, happy, sporty and fashionable socks.

Our products are made by only first-class qualified materials to guarantee the best quality. Socks producing is a highly needlework needed process, which means that every product goes trough 8 different working processes to get ready. However, we have a very skillful and diligent team with familiar atmosphere.

Word Perla means pearl, which menas value for a lot of people. We would like that if our trade mark - our product - would mean a reliable and an affordable hungarian product for everyone.

Perla Socks

Check out some samples
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product lines!

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